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A fee is charged for building permits. The fee must be submitted with the application in order for the application to be assessed.  

Building fees available here.

Below are some things to remember about building permit fees:

  • Building permit fees are based on the size and cost of the building works
  • The Building Permit Levy is a state government tax on all building works, costing more than $10,000
  • Property information fees are needed to discover the various development rules and controls which relate to the property.
  • The Property Information Certificate should be obtained from council before you start your design. The application form is available here or from a customer service centre.
  • Asset Protection Permit fees should be paid when applying for your permit.
  • Council Report and Consent applies to matters that are not “as of right” - such as siting modifications and building over easements.

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit cards at council’s offices. You can also pay on-line via this link. 

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