Most building work requires a permit before you can begin construction. That includes:

  • constructing a new building
  • demolition
  • alterations or renovations to existing buildings
  • repairs
  • relocating a building
  • building a retaining wall
  • putting up a sign or pole on your property
  • installing a pool
  • and more.

If you are using a builder, architect or draftsperson, they will often get the permit on your behalf.

If you are an owner-builder (ie someone who assumes most of the responsibility for building on their own land) this is likely to be one of the responsibilities, you take on. You can find more information on being an owner builder here.

Many of the forms in this section refer to the ‘relevant building surveyor’. This could be a council building surveyor, or a private building surveyor who has no formal connection with council. You choose whether you want to use a council building surveyor or a private building surveyor.

You may also need a planning permit to do building works. In those cases, you need to get the planning permit before the building permit. You can get advice on planning permits by contacting Council’s Planning Unit on 5481 2200 or referring to the planning section  of this website.

Fees are charged for building permit applications. Find more information on building permit fees here.

If you have any queries about building in the Shire of Campaspe, please contact the Building Services Unit during office hours. We recommend you speak to them first, before applying for a building permit. It could save you a lot of time and effort.

Once you’re ready, you can find the building permit application form you need to complete here:

Apply for a building permit

You need a building permit in the Shire of Campaspe to do the following:

  • construct a new building  
  • re-block
  • change the use of an existing building
  • alter an existing building
  • demolish a building
  • remove a building
  • re-erect a building
  • install a swimming pool.

You can download a building permit application form here

Other building related forms

As well as completing the necessary building permit applications, you may also need to apply for property information such as:

  • applying for the contact information for an adjoining property owner
  • building approval property information by owner
  • a copy of house plans
  • property information for building surveyor purposes.

For more information about building regulations in Victoria check out

Apply to demolish or relocate a building

There are several regulations applying to the demolition or relocation of a building. Before demolition begins, you must have a permit.

You can download a demolition/relocation permit application form here.

You may also need to complete a section 29A application form if works involve:

  • more than half of the building being demolished
  • or the façade being demolished.

Download the form here.

Being an owner/builder

If you decide to assume most of the responsibility for managing a building project on your own property (ie become an owner-builder) you must make a declaration to Council that you are aware of your obligations in regards to insurance and employing subcontractors.

This declaration is provided as part of the Building Permit application form.

You can get more information about being an owner/builder from the Victorian Building Authority website. 

Change a building permit

You may find after you commence your approved building work that you want or need to make alterations to the original plans. You can download an application for a variation or extension of time here.

In some cases, you may need to apply for a new building permit altogether. We recommend you speak with Building Services before you complete your application.

Cancelling and lapsing of building permits

If you decide against going through with your building project, you can cancel your application for a permit. To do so, you must write to the Municipal Building Surveyor, Shire of Campaspe.

You will only be refunded your application fee if you:

  • cancel the application BEFORE the permit application has been assessed
  • and the building permit has not lapsed.

Building permits lapse after 12 months, if no building works have started.  Permits for domestic works lapse after twenty-four months if work has not been completed.

Apply to retain work that was done without a permit

Occasionally, building works are carried out by builders and/or property owners without a permit. In these instances, the Shire of Campaspe works with property owners for the best possible outcome.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can apply to retain building works that were done without the required building permit.  This includes:

  • constructing a new building
  • changing the use of an existing building
  • demolishing a building
  • re-blocking
  • altering an existing building
  • removing a building.

However, the fee charged is one and a half times the normal application fee for the particular works involved.

If a lot of building works need to be done to finalise the project, then a new building permit will be required.

Whether siting dispensation is needed will depend on the type of works involved and how long the structure has been in place.

Your first step in rectifying the issue should be to contact Building Services for advice.

When you are ready to make an application, you can download the necessary form here.

Apply to do protection work on an adjoining property

If you are planning building works on your property, it is your responsibility to ensure the works won’t damage a neighbour’s property. The sorts of protection work you may need to do includes:

  • underpinning an adjoining property footings
  • shoring up an adjoining property
  • providing overhead protection for an adjoining property
  • other works designed to maintain the stability of adjoining property and prevent damage from building work.

Download the form for notifying a neighbouring property owner of protection works here. If you are responding to a protection work notice, you can do so by downloading the form here.

You can learn more about protection works, when they may be needed and what to do if a dispute occurs here. Or contact Building Services for advice.

Siting concession dispensation

In preparing for building work on your property, you may uncover issues with the site of the proposed building and the siting requirements in the Shire of Campaspe. The issues may involve the following examples:

  • setback from boundaries
  • issues with overlooking or overshadowing other properties
  • fence heights
  • and more.

If this is the case, we recommend you speak to Building Services at Council for advice.

Once you are ready, you can complete the Siting Concession Dispensation form here.

Report and consent for non-siting matters

You need to report and consent to a reporting authority (like Council) if the building work you’re planning has the potential to affect the assets, infrastructure or amenity of the community. It includes siting and non-siting issues.  The non-siting issues could include:

  • demolition under Section 29A of Act
  • building over a council easement
  • building above or below certain public facilities
  • projections beyond street alignment
  • point of discharge of storm water
  • construction of buildings on land liable to flooding
  • building on designated land
  • and more.

A more comprehensive list of the non-siting matters that may require report and consent is included in the Report and consent for Non-siting Matters form.

Please remember to contact the Building Services Unit if you have any queries on 5481 2200 or 1300 666 535. They are happy to help.