There’s no denying that the planning process is complex. But without planning rules, our community would look very different.

The Campaspe Planning Scheme has state and local planning requirements, which consider commercial, industrial and housing developments. All developments need to meet certain standards, with particular rules about advertising signs, car parking and historic places to name a few.

Planning rules, and ensuring everyone follows them, contribute significantly to making Campaspe Shire Council such a great place to live, work and visit.

Whether you want to build an extension to your home, create a new business or housing development, remove some native vegetation or any other of the many possible planning projects, you need to get in touch with Campaspe’s Planning Unit.

In this section you will find information about:


Our planners can help you with advice before you submit any planning related application

Lodging an application

What documents are needed with your planning permit application and some helpful tips

Assessing an application

Once received, we will check you have provided all the necessary information and documents

Objecting to an application

Anyone who believes they may be detrimentally affected can object

Deciding an application

Council has three options when deciding a planning permit application

Appealing a decision

Applicants or objectors may appeal against a decision of council

Making changes to permits, plans & timeframes

Requests for amendments to permits must be made in writing

Complying with a planning permit

Staff work with property owners to ensure compliance with planning permit conditions

Planning register

Access council's online planning register