Under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, any requests for amendments to a permit must be made in writing to the responsible authority, together with the relevant fee. Any changes that affect the reason for the permit (preamble) or permit conditions must be lodged under Section 72.

You can also make a request to amend the endorsed plans via the secondary consent mechanism, if your permit contains this condition. 

Plans to comply with permit conditions, such as condition one and others, are often required to be lodged and approved by council before a building permit can be issued and works commenced.

A form is available to assist you in making amendments to a planning permit.

Amend a planning permit
Sometimes conditions or plans to a planning permit need to be amended.

Amend an active planning application

Request a correction of a mistake

Request an extension of time
Most planning permits contain a condition to specify when works are to be completed by.