Things to do

Grab a map from the Corop Store and start exploring the wetlands and lakes or take a walk around the Corop Cemetery, located just out of town.

Nearby Lake Cooper is home to the Victorian Water Skiing Association. There are plenty of water skiing events to enjoy as a participant or spectator during competition time, when Corop’s permanent population of 260 soars!

There are several cellar door wineries to be discovered within a short drive of the township, and the Corop Community Action Group hold regular events throughout the year.  

About Corop

Nestled between the Mount Carmel Range and a series of nationally significant wetlands on the Midland Highway between Stanhope and Elmore, Corop is a beautiful place to visit. 

Edward Curr took up a pastoral run in the area in 1843, calling it Corop, thought to reflect the call of the brolga. By the late 1800s, Corop had grown to become a bustling commercial centre, though these days the pace is a little slower. 

Adjacent to Lake Cooper and within easy access to Greens Lake, Corop is a popular spot for many water activities, including water skiing. You can still see brolgas at the lakes.

Places and facilities in Corop

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