The Shire of Campaspe is the ideal location for your next event. Whether planning a conference, festival or sporting carnival, the shire has a wide range of venues and amenities to suit your needs. 

In this section, you will find helpful information on: 

Planning your event 

Each year across the Shire of Campaspe, local community groups and organisations from beyond the shire choose to hold their events in our municipality. Approximately 100 small to large scale events are held in Campaspe annually. These events are held on public land, council reserves, parks, private venues and even in car parks! 

When planning your event, it’s important to understand your obligations and whether you will need a licence, permit or council approval before you can go ahead. 

The sorts of festivals and events held in Campaspe include:

  • sporting events
  • weddings
  • fun runs
  • markets
  • outdoor concerts
  • on-road events
  • art & community festivals
  • fund raising events

To help in planning your event, step through the Event Ready Reference booklet which will help you.

Where should I hold my event? 

The Shire of Campaspe, with its magnificent backdrop of the majestic Murray River, has a rich history which is today shaped with modern event facilities. From venues hosting banquets for 500 to intimate board rooms and first-class sporting facilities, the shire has a vast range of amenities to suit your needs. 

Download the 16-page Echuca Moama Events Planner to find a venue to suit your event. 

Many public places can also be used for an event:

Do I need a permit for my event? 

You will need to apply for an events permit from Campaspe Shire Council if your event fits any of the following criteria: 

  • It will be held on public land, or publicly owned land, facilities or venues.
  • It will significantly impact a road or footpath (Will it require road closures or detours? Will it cause traffic disturbances or parking problems?).
  • It requires a planning permit. Note: before holding an event, you must have confirmation in writing that a planning permit is NOT required or you must have a valid planning permit for the event.
  • It will disturb regular shire activities or significantly impact traders or residents.
  • It requires any large infrastructure ie staging exceeding 150m2, marquees greater than 100m2 etc, or seating for more than 20 people. This requires a Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) and Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) from Council’s Municipal Building Surveyor. You can find more information here.
  • It will be held in a place for entertainment that is more than 500m2 and is enclosed or substantially enclosed and an admission fee is charged. You can find more information here

It’s a good idea to speak with council at least six months before your event. If you expect more than 500 people to attend, there may be a lot of regulations that need to be addressed. 

Be organised! Make sure you know:

  • proposed event times and date
  • location
  • infrastructure needs (Will you need access to power, water, waste management? Will you need to erect marquees or other structures?) 

Clearly understanding your activities and how they will impact the local community will make working with council to hold a successful event a lot simpler. Council may also be able to help you develop relationships or partnerships with the local business community and other organisations. 

Download the event application form here and get some help to complete it here. 

How to create an accessible event

Events that are accessible for all will be more successful with higher participation and attendance rates. A quick reference guide is available here to help in planning an event that is accessible to all.

The guide is primarily focused on improving accessibility to events for Campaspe residents who have a disability.

An accessible portable toilet is available for hire to support events, through Northern Hire Group 5482 6262. The toilet is wheelchair, walker and pram accessible.

How to create a waste wise event

As part of council's commitment to environmental sustainability, all events held on council owned or managed land are required to meet a minimum Star 1 Waste Wise rating. Events that are Waste Wise support recycling and minimise waste sent to landfill.

1 star rating - The minimum requirement that ensures events offer effective recycling facilities and maintain a litter-free environment.

2 star rating - Requires events to achieve recycling and contamination targets, work to reduce food and packaging waste while eliminating two single-use plastic items.

3 star rating - In addition to achieving recycling and contamination targets, events also must provide free water refills, separate organic waste collection and eliminate all single-use plastic items.

Waste Wise Events Guide

Appendix A - Waste Wise Event Plan

Appendix B - Coliban Water portable water station request form

Appendix C - Goulburn Valley Water sponsorship form

Appendix D - Event application form

Helpful resources 

Check out these helpful resources which will make planning your event easier:

Form - Event application

Form - Event application, help sheet

Event Ready Reference

Echuca Moama Events Planner

Guide to planning an accessible event

Guide to planning a waste wise event

Form - Event evaluation


For more information: Contact the Events Support Officer on 5481 2200 or 1300 666 535.