Through the Responsive Grants Program, Council provides the opportunity for individuals and community groups to apply for small grants to achieve their goals and ambitions. 

Community groups

Groups can apply for a grant to assist with the provision of a service, program or activity used by or of benefit to Campaspe residents.
Maximum amount: $1,000 


Individuals can apply for a grant to assist them to participate in a sporting, educational, recreational or cultural activity, or other pursuit of a personal development nature, or who is in needing circumstances.
Maximum amount: $300 

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess applications:

  • Does the proposed activity/event/project support the delivery of one or more of Council Plan strategic goals?
  • Does the proposed activity/event/project benefit Campaspe Shire residents?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated a clear need for funds?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated they are contributing to the activity/event/project, either in cash or in-kind?
  • If the applicant is a group, is it not-for-profit with a bank account in the name of the group.
  • If the applicant is a group, is there demonstrated need the funds are required at short notice, or can they wait for the Community Grants program, offered in two rounds each year?
  • Can the project be funded under any other council grant program? 

Further information

If you are interested in applying to the Responsive Grants Program, you can download the following information: