Waste disposal and recycling is a responsibility shared by council and the Campaspe community. Each Australian produces about two tonnes of waste a year; a figure all of us should work to reduce. 

Campaspe Shire Council manages eight transfer stations, where you can dispose of your rubbish. All of these transfer stations also offer recycling services. However, the types of waste accepted at each site varies. 

Hazardous waste, such as some chemicals or electronic devices, can be bad for your health and the environment if dumped in landfill.

Transfer stations locations & hours

Find a transfer station near you

Transfer station fees

A list of what you can and can't take to the transfer station and the fees

Transfer station vouchers

An outline of Campaspe transfer station vouchers

A-Z guide - waste & recycling

A detailed A-Z listing to help residents understand where to recycle or dispose of items properly in Campaspe Shire


Electrical equipment can be recycled

Agricultural recycling

Find out what agricultural waste can be recycled

Household chemical collection

How to safely throw away household chemicals

Waste wise event planning

All events held on council owned or managed land are required to meet a minimum Star 1 Waste Wise rating

Waste education

Educating the community to avoid creating waste

Regional strategies

The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG) develops and maintains a strategy for solid waste management which is currently under review.

Information about household kerbside collections and costs can be found here.