With 6,889 people, or almost one in five local residents, aged between 12 and 25 years, young people are one of Campaspe’s greatest assets.

Campaspe Shire Council's Community Programs Officer is working hard to ensure local young people get the services and opportunities to actively participate in community life and to learn the skills they will need as adults.

By getting involved with their community, local youth will experience a greater sense of belonging, wellbeing and a better quality of life. While rural living has many benefits, council and its partners recognize the challenges faced by young people today. Working proactively with young people improves their quality of life, focusing on health and wellbeing, education and employment.

That’s where the Community Programs Officer can help through a range of programs and services including:

Youth programs

Campaspe has designed an exciting program of opportunities for young people

Youth week

Youth week takes place in April every year

Working with the community

The Community Programs team works with the broader community to give young people the support they need to thrive