Food poisoning affects thousands of Australians every year, so it is important that all food businesses serve safe and suitable food. All food businesses must use safe food practices, including:

  • correctly storing food 
  • safely preparing and handling food
  • correctly displaying food
  • safely transport food
  • adequately serving food.

In this section, you will find information about:

Council's role & resources

Environmental Health Officers work with local food businesses to ensure rules surrounding the sale of food are followed

Establishing a new food business

There are many rules that must be followed when setting up a new food business

Classifications of food businesses

Food premises in Victoria are classified into four classes

Food safety program information

Information about food safety programs, food safety supervisors, online food safety training

Private drinking water carters

All water carters must be registered

Transferring registration

If you are thinking about buying a food business, the registration of the premises must be transferred from the name of the existing licensee to the name of the proposed purchaser

Food stalls

Outlining what is required if you want to raise money through a food stall or sausage sizzle